real friends.

good friends are good. bad friends are not friends.


Everyone has friends. Close friends. Close-enough friends. “Hey- i think i recognize you” friends. And everyone slowly works their way up if they want to put the effort or they’re happy just where they are. I don’t like the “networking” mentality that a lot of people feel the need to practice at university so i try to limit making friends just for the sake of having them recognize me. It’s not worth my time and not worth the awkwardness of not being able to talk to them if we’re stuck in a room together.

kanye smile

That’s not to say i don’t believe there are no good friends to be made- there are. I had to make new friends upon starting university and it went pretty well. I figured out a close group of friends to be comfortable around and it was really fun. The bad thing about getting closer to people is that you end up opening up more, making you more vulnerable. Especially for me- if i believe someone is pretty close friends with me, i will joke around a lot. But at the end of the day, i let it be known that i respect you and appreciate you (i don’t VERBALLY say this, but i do appreciate my close friends a lot). Friendships aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. There are arguments every once in a while and we’ll be salty towards each other for a few days, but we work things out because i don’t believe arguments are enough for close friendships to be broken. Turns out i was wrong- an argument can end a friendship right away.

“have you done things that make me feel like your friends?”

Two years. Hung out nearly every night for the first, a bit more moderate amounts in the second. I thought we were pretty close friends. But if you say that, i’m not going to say anything and you won’t stand to hear anything else- i’ll make my way out of your life. Sorta sucks, but such is life.

I was listening to real friends by kanye and just decided to write this.

real friends

it’s not many of us

we smile at each other

but how many honest?


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