real friends.

good friends are good. bad friends are not friends.


Everyone has friends. Close friends. Close-enough friends. “Hey- i think i recognize you” friends. And everyone slowly works their way up if they want to put the effort or they’re happy just where they are. I don’t like the “networking” mentality that a lot of people feel the need to practice at university so i try to limit making friends just for the sake of having them recognize me. It’s not worth my time and not worth the awkwardness of not being able to talk to them if we’re stuck in a room together.

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“parents were the only ones obligated to love you…” .it’s true.

Since i’m asian with (somewhat) stereotypical asian immigrant parents, you can bet they had something to say.

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“you never know till you try” .super deep stuff.

Before i first met my psychiatrist, i read online about the terrible experiences that people had  and how it was one of their “biggest mistakes of their life.” With that confidence boost, i went into it with a pretty pessimistic view. With low expectations, you have basically nothing to lose- the appointment is free (Canada #1..!!), you may come out with a diagnosis and have an explanation for how you’ve felt your entire life or you just get shit on by a trained medical professional. doc.jpg Continue reading “psychiatrist.”